English Travel Dialogue - Tour of London


In this lesson, you\'ll go on a tour of London.
Have you been to London before? If so, what did you do? If not, what would you most like to see?
In this lesson, you’ll go on a tour of London. You’ll learn useful English travel dialogue to deal with common tourist situations, like buying tickets, going to museums or talking to taxi drivers.

1. A Bus Tour of London 1:14
2. Going to a Museum 4:46
3. Buying Theatre Tickets 8:00
4. Taking a Taxi 11:14

This lesson will help you:
- Learn about a bus tour of London in English.
- Understand useful phrases and vocabulary to have English travel dialogue at a museum.
- Get phrases and vocabulary to purchase tickets to a show at the theatre .
- See a sample English travel conversation in a taxi.
- Learn common colloquial phrases used in London to help improve your English travel dialogue.

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