How to Talk About Money in English - Spoken English Lesson


In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to talk about money in English. Let us know your thoughts on money and happiness in the comments!
You’ll learn useful English words and phrases to talk about money topics that are common like your spending habits, salary, borrowing money, and more. You\'ll be able to expand your money vocabulary and talk about money in English conversation.

This lesson will help you:
- Understand how to talk about spending money in English.
- Learn how to talk about debt and borrowing money.
- Talk about investment and saving money in English.
- See sample natural English conversations about money in English.

1. Talking About Spending and Saving 0:46
2. Talking About Salary and Expenses 4:32
3. Talking About Debt and Borrowing 8:06
4. Talking About Investments 11:21

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