The Canterville Ghost By Oscar Wilde


Learn English Through Story - The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde Learn English Through Story - The Canterville Ghost through Oscar Wilde Story name: The Canterville Ghost Author: Oscar Wilde Level: Elementary For a long term a ghost has been living inside the Canterville castle. He has killed many generations who lived there. Eventually the house has been bought to others. Soon after a new own family has arrived to live at the citadel and sat right down to dinner, they noticed a purple stain on the ground. Later they learned that a blood stain belongs to a killed spouse of the ghost. Father wiped clean the spot, but the next day it had seemed once more. Every night the ghost turned into wandering through corridors bothering the own family. The next night time, while the ghost began to walk again, the father cautioned him lubricate the chain by way of oil. The ghost became very angry and determined to take a revenge.

Learn English Through Story
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